Sunday, November 04, 2007

Biking with Fran and Alex. Daughter was watching the Bee movie with friends.

I watched the Marathon trials last night. I was glued to the laptop for the entire race. Being able to watch the whole thing without commercial interruption was pretty cool! I was most impressed with Brian Sell. Not with his speed or his supreme athletic talents but I was impressed with his desire to qualify. To come charging in from where he was to 3rd place finish was absolutely amazing.

I wonder how Ryan runs in the heat? Besides from dirty and dusty air, it is going to be pretty hot in Beijing.

By the way, why does it look like these elite guys don't look like they're out of breath or breathing remotely hard while cruising at sub 5 minute miles? And when they cross the finish line, they just stop and wave and don't even appear to be sweating? I swear Paula was sprinting the last half mile but when she crossed the finish line, she just stopped, smiled and waved. How do they do that?

All that marathon coverage from NYC is making me want to put my name in the lottery for next year's race. Is there a 2008 ING NYCM in Holden's future?

p.s. My right achilles is bothering me a little. It's not painful or anything but it has been reminding me all day that it's there.


TX Runner Girl said...

The trials were awesome! I too have been inspired to throw my name in the NYC lotto again...but it'll be 2009 for me. Hope the achilles gets better!

Sarah said...

I'll be putting my name in (for the second time) for NYC next year.

And I had the same thought as you!! How can Paula cross the finish line and then just stop? I run more than twice as SLOW as she does, and I gotta keep walking once I finish.

K said...

He looks just like you!

David Smart said...

Keep the ice on. You're getting in a few races- are you doing the Montgomery County Triple? Let me know if you're up for a Sunday long run sometime....