Saturday, November 03, 2007

2007 Rocky Raccoon 25K

11:19/mile Pace

Beautiful pleasant day for trail running for sure. This is my second Huntsville race. The first was Sunmart 50K last December. As noted before, trail running is very different from road racing. You are never properly "balanced," there is no "rhythm" to your run and you are constantly turning and going up or down. Ground is uneven, there are roots, ruts and loose gravel to trip you over if you're not careful. You are always looking down watching out for anything that can trip you over or roll your ankle.

Despite all that, you are one with nature, away from civilization and sometimes, can have long stretches of the forest all to your self. I ran 12th and better part of the 13th mile on my own, sometimes wondering if I was lost.

My legs are very tired at this moment but none of the joints hurt. One of the bonuses of running on soft surface.

Today, I was very grateful for running the 25K. As I saw the 50K folks head out for their second loop, I was having flashbacks to last year's Sunmart.

This is a new trail running distance for me so it's a "P.R." I'm glad to have broken 3 hours.

Next Race: HMSA 25K - Back to road racing!

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K said...

I want to run in the Woods SOOOOO badly! Beth is one of the Fit coaches here. She is very sweet.

We will be running from Luke's this weekend. I can send you the details if you are interested...

The Kayano 14s are coming out in December. Do you like the 13s??