Sunday, November 11, 2007

2007 HMSA 25K


Exhaustion. My weekend race schedule has been pretty ambitious since October and I finally paid the price for it today. The body just gave up after a few miles. Live and learn I suppose.

Mile 1: 8:58
Mile 2: 8:54
Mile 3: 9:30
Mile 4: 8:59
Mile 5: 12:04
Mile 6: 10:12
Mile 7: 9:56
Mile 8: 12:11
Mile 9: 12:30
Mile 10: 11:50
Mile 11: 13:16
Mile 12: 14:04
Mile 13: 15:36
Mile 14: 15:07
Mile 15 & 15.5: 20:34

I thought very hard about quitting after each lap by the Wortham center but resisted both times. Not sure why.

It is always great to see familiar faces at these events. First person I ran into was Coach Bill Dwyer of Woodlands Fit who was talking to Jim Braden when I walked up to him. Then Coach Cooper of Woodlands Fit came by. Waverly was there in the Woodlands Running Club tent also. Then Ed Quarles came by. I hadn't seen Ed since Yuri's Night 5K. Then a few miles into the race, I saw Jen on a bike. She was volunteering as an AED/EMT. I forgot to congratulate her on her NYC Marathon P.R. But such is the case when you meet someone so suddenly. Then Jessica ran by, I think she might have been after another P.R. She was gone after a few words. I also saw Mr. & Mrs. Jamoosh. I wonder if she OK'ed his tattoo. Finally, there was Jon Walk by the turn at downtown, encouraging all the runners as they went by.

Special thanks to Jen who gave me a handful (all I could carry) of ice during the last loop. I put some on my head and ate the rest. It was refreshing and very much appreciated.


Dirt Runner said...

All this wasted suffering on these short races. You need to move up to the ultras and justify the suffering. Sunmart 50 miler cost just as much as the 50k plus the inside loop at Huntsville is faster than the outside loop used for the 50k. I think you could easily PR.

Next Saturday we're running the forest behind your house. Two loops if you want to join in.

JustJunebug said...

i saw PLENTY of people quit, especially after the first loop. and even more so after the second.

yesterday was a day i was not so terribly disappointed i am injured.

Jessica, a Houston Runner said...

Holden! i'm glad i spotted you in the race. you perservered.

Believe me...i wanted to quit too. PR or not, quitting is always an easy option that is best saved for when you really have nothing else left.

and you are stronger then that!

David Smart said...

Great perseverance. Especially when those negative gremlin voices start on you.