Monday, October 22, 2007

Tempo Run

Normally, there is always a rest day between running days. But when Houston weather beckons with a 57 degree temperature at 6:30 PM, who can resist? I celebrated cooler weather with a long sleeve tech shirt. It's glorious to be alive and fit enough to run.

Mile 1: 8:39
Mile 2: 8:21
Mile 3: 7:55
0.1: 0:42

Total: 25:38
Pace: 8:16/mile

On another note: Shoe washing. Namely running shoes. I do wash my running shoes. But only after it's useful life has been spent. I wash "dead" shoes in the washing machine on delicate cycle. I wash it with the laces and insoles taken out. These items are washed together but separately. Then I let them air dry in the garage. I wash them because the upper mesh of the running shoes really don't wear out during running. So when they come out of the wash, the shoes look new, except for the soles being worn out and not bouncy. I use these for casual wear and for gym workout.


TX Runner Girl said...

Aha! Good idea on the shoes Holden! I have a retired pair in my closet that I will have to get out and wash.

Bar-bar-a said...


You know, I really prefer letting mine stay good and stinky. That way no one fights me for the weights at lunch time because they can't stand to be near me.

Tiggs said...

ditto on the washing- I do the same thing.