Thursday, October 04, 2007


How about a running post for a change? Humidity seems to have disappeared for now. It was even cool enough for an enjoyable evening run. So, after work, there I was, running my very familiar 5K course around the neighborhood.

Mile 1: 9:16
Mile 2: 8:57
Mile 3.1: 9:31

Total: 27:45
Pace: 8:57/mile

I'm glad for the seasonal change. Although it is hard to tell in general, I can tell the weather is turning. The humidity is no longer oppressive. The nights are a little cooler. These are all good signs for runners.

Life has been a little monotonous lately. It will be good to be taking a break and going to Chicago. Have a great weekend.


jamoosh said...

Once again - best of luck in Chicago.

TX Runner Girl said...

Have fun in Chicago Holden!

K said...

Great job finishing, Holden! I can't wait to hear your race report...

bar-bar-a said...

Come back and post! Your last comment on your blog says life has been a little monotonous. I'm thinking you have a different story to tell after the Chicago marathon!