Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Rocky Raccoon 25K

I think I'm deranged. This afternoon, I signed up to run the RR 25K up in Huntsville State Park this Saturday.


I hear it's a really good tune-up run for Sunmart 50K. Not that I'm going to run that crazy race anytime soon.

Most probably not.


K said...

I remember hearing your story of going up there, just to see how things were going... no intention of running because you had been ill (I think), but dressing for the occasion, just in case...

Sunmart is calling your name!

Dirt Runner said...

What if you get sick, you'll have to run Sunmart.

bar-bar-a said...

25k, 50k - you can do it!

(um...better you than me is really what I'm thinking!)

Tiggs said...

I thought ROcky was hard, but it was only my 2nd time running trails. Much harder than a road race, but very fun!