Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Next Race: 10 For Texas

Looking back on last weekend's adventure, I can say it was well worth the experience. In fact, I wouldn't trade it for any other marathon experience. Here's my lessons learned. Carry a $20 bill. It doesn't weigh that much and it can come in handy during emergencies. Runners with cash made out OK. Since Chicago Marathon ran through the city, there was plenty of opportunity to buy water from convenience stores. I personally do not like to carry my own water during an organized race so I won't recommend that. Other than that, there will be other races, so always asses your condition before and during the race based on how you feel and what the weather is.

Next Race: 10 For Texas. The weather for Saturday is looking mighty good for a nice run in the Woodlands. Hope to see a bunch of you there.


Crosstrain said...


Thanks for the Chicago recap, I forwarded it to our running club board. I have to say I am glad I wasn't there with you. My next marathon will be a cold one or else.

Holden said...

Guess what? No cramping despite all that!