Monday, October 08, 2007

Did Chicago Marathon Have Enough Water? NOT!

There has been a lot of talk about whether there was enough water on the course or not. Here is my take. As I understand, only about 35,000 runners showed up. So, if you were geared towards 45,000 runners and 10,000 was a no show, there should have been enough water. The math does not add up.

Another point. Weather forecasters have been predicting since Monday that it was going to be unusually hot this weekend. That would have given the organizers enough time to get more water. Apparently, this did not happen in time.

There was not enough water. Marathoners are a hardy lot. We can withstand any hot weather conditions. But without water, that is not possible, no matter how tough you are.

Shame on Chicago Marathon officials. They've been spinning this water issue as soon as they called off the race. Hydration supply was inadequate. I know. I was there.

O.K. Off the soap box.


bar-bar-a said...

I haven't read your other post yet; just this one about the water. I was not happy to hear how they were spinning the story on lack of water. The extra water appeared to be at the end.

They didn't seem to plan for people to need extra water in the first 13 miles. Gatorade, whatever.

I do realize having a fuel belt would have helped some, but I'm here to say I would have finished that amount of water in the first 10k, 10 miles at the most. Even with a fuel belt, I would need the water stations on the road.

Houston volunteers for the half at the end of the 'em how it's done. That tends to be a hot one for us. said...

The event that I did on Sunday in CT had all kinds of water, but no Gatorade (except at the end).

Then again, they only had about 465 finishers.

jen said...

I've been following some of the discussion threads on Runner's World and the Chicago Tribune, and runners are saying the same thing you water. :(