Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Beating the Dead Horse Deader - Final Comment

Jay Mariotti is a sports columnist for Chicago Sun-Times. His article seem to sum up the marathon very well and what it means to Chicago and their Olympic hope for 2016.

I still hear the ambulance sirens too!

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David Smart said...

They had a 45,000 cap. Up from 37,500 about 5 years ago. More bodies, more injuries. If Chicago wants to set a record for race participants/entry proceeds, they need to set a record for gallons of liquid and # volunteers at water stations.

Holden, you admittedly were not as prepared as you wanted, but knew what you could handle and didn't end up in the hospital. I would be very interested to see the last 20 weeks training schedules of the 200+ people that needed medical attention, how many prior marathons did they run?

It really bugs me that the race director would blame the runners for using too much water. He would have been smarter to blame the weather because it can't defend itself. It seems that lack of water was the biggest culprit, followed by number of bodies (maybe under conditioned) and then the weather.

Just a little more Monday morning QB.....