Sunday, September 30, 2007

12.5 Miles

I ran 12.5 miles this morning. It was tough hard run. Took me 2 hours and 16 minutes. It is now pretty much pitch dark at 6:30 in the morning. I saw the sun pop up over the tree line then not too long after that, started to rain. Not that I minded. After all, running is an all weather sport, kind of like being a postman, but faster. (Unless you're a running postperson and then you're really fast...) Either I'm totally unfit or my lungs are becoming much more inefficient. I wonder if my boyhood asthma is trying to make a comeback.

Brenham, TX

Alex wins again! This time, 3rd place for combat and 2nd place for forms. We had to be in Brenham by 9:30 AM yesterday. We watched him get his ass kicked by the eventual winner and then watched Alex kick his opponents ass for the 3rd place match. Then, after a quick photo on the camera phone and a quick goodbye, we hustled all the way to the Hobby center. Thank goodness for his coach/Master Alexander who brought him home.

Grande Coffee Eh?

I found myself in Niagara Falls, Ontario on September 13th on business. I was early to a meeting and and so went on a little walk. While wondering around the theme parkish town I found a familiar slice of Americana. In Canada, "The Way I See it" is printed in both English and French.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Mama Mia!

Hobby Center, Main Lobby. Mama Mia! is in town and I thought it would be great to go see that with my Frannie. Being 41, I do recollect ABBA music blasting from all sorts of radios back in the 70's. I mostly lived in Spain during that decade and them Swedes used to be really BIG in Europe back then. Brought back lots of early childhood memory. I don't do too many musicals so I don't really know how this one rates but we had a blast. It's happy, people around you are dressed well and polite and there is a cash bar in the lobby. Cultured Americana at it's best.

Not running too much. I should really go see someone about that. I am slowly getting back though. 7.5 miles last weekend. 3 miles twice during the week. Coughing is still there however. So Chicago is now out of the question. What a waste of money, factoring in airfare. I'm still going, my parents still live there so I'll drop by for the weekend. As a consolation prize, I'll run to my high school again as I did a few years back.
Looking beyond next weekend, I have the Woodlands 10 miler coming up weekend after that. I think I can finish that one. Then hopefully, I'll be fit enough to run the Houston Half.
Getting out of the house to walk the dog this morning, the dry cool air hinted at a coming fall weather. This is the beginning of the best Houston running weather. Run well my runner friends. Run well.