Wednesday, August 29, 2007

O~~~~~~~~~~~~~klahoma! Where the wind comes sweepin' down the plain

A Day in the Life of Holden:
4:00 AM: Wake up
4:40 AM: Cereal with soy milk
5:00 AM: Drive to IAH
5:45 AM: Through security at Terminal B, on skylink to Terminal C, buy Starbucks grande coffee with room for cream
6:00 AM: Back to Terminal B
6:30 AM: Board Continental Express ERJ to OKC
8:25 AM: Touch Down! OKC
1:40 PM Back in the airport
2:10 PM Board return flight, another Continental Express jet (Canadair 200)
2:30 PM Push back from the gate
3:00 PM Waiting for clearance from ATC by the runway
3:30 PM Still waiting (all 50 seats full and it's kinda hot)
4:00 PM "Folks, this is your captain speaking, we've been idling and burning jetfuel for so long that we need to go back to the gate and top off our fuel tanks...."
4:15 PM Gunning for the runway, we take off! Apparently, weather in Houston was not so good.
7:30 PM Home, drinking Shiner Bock.


Anonymous said...

You're doin' fine, Oklahoma, Oklahoma, O-K-L-A-H-O-M-A OKLAHOMAAAAAA!


jamoosh said...

What, no run?


Dave Smart said...

I remember feeling the shake of the blast and seeing the burning building when I lived there- a pretty sad disaster indeed.

OKC has built up the downtown bricktown area pretty nicely since I left there in 2000....with a baseball park, canals, etc. I don't know if Houston Bayou area could ever revitalize like downtown OKC, because of the flood hazard- unless maybe the City was willing to pay new businesses along the Bayou for flood insurance.

txrunnergirl said...

Looks like a whirlwind trip!

Tiggs said...

dude, where are you?