Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Exit Row!

Return flight from Tulsa this evening. Seat 14C. Smidgen more leg room. Yea! My work phone got upgraded to at&t's model 8525 smart phone. It's supposed to be comparable to iPhone in terms of capabilities although it is no where near as hip as the iPhone like the one Sarah has. But then, she is one hip Rocketeer out of NASA and I'm ...... not.
I'm taking all these pictures with the tiny camera built into the phone. Very small lens, view these pictures in full and you can see all kinds of distortion.
It's been kind of hectic since returning from my vacation.


WalkSports.com said...

Yes, but 14A and 14F are the ones with no seats in front of them.

I had this on the flight from IAH to Columbus Friday night, but I didn't get any good sleep whatsoever - because of all the delays I think.

Sarah said...

I love my iPhone, but I freely admit that it is limited in its capabilities. Mainly it just looks pretty. :)

Holden said...


You are correct. 14A's and 14F's are the most coveted seats on Continental's 737-300 and 737-500 models because of the massive leg room.

TX Runner Girl said...

Glad you had a bit more leg room this time!

Dave Smart said...

We didn't see you on the evening news getting stranded at the airport, so that's a positive. Glad you and your new phone made it back safe and sound!