Monday, July 30, 2007

Would you like soup with that sir?

Soupy. 79 deg. F. Recovery run. Nice easy pace. Full Moon. 5:15 AM. Monday Morning. 3.1 miles. Nuff said.

Mile 1: 12:42
Mile 2: 11:54
Mile 3: 11:39
0.1: 2:52
Elapsed: 39:09
Pace: Too ugly to mention
Shoes: Kayano (244.9 miles)

Spent more money today. I am going back to Chicago to run the Chicago Distance Classic. This was my very first half marathon I ever entered and finished. Nostalgia and the fact that I'm going to kick ass was a strong motivator. That and it will give me a feel for the downtown area in the wee hours of the morning in preparation for my Chicago Marathon debut in a few months.

Closer to home, I also bought an entry into 10 For Texas. It should serve well as a recovery run a week after the Chicago Marathon. My fall race calendar is looking pretty crowded.

All this racing is for one purpose only. The TIR race next year. Just to throw Bill Dwyer off, I might be posting some fake running times on this blog and emailing actual times to Jon Walk.


K said...

Great minds think alike, Holden! I'll be posting my "paces" on my blog, but only Jon will know the real times! LOL

Yes, I am still officially with the yellow group, but there were a few runners that I passed on Saturday asked me if I was in the 11 or 12 minute group...

I keep telling myself Saturday is supposed to be a long slow run. Yep, that's my story Bill and I'm sticking to it!

I didn't see you on Saturday. Wish I had though!! I think we are running Flintridge on Sat. Are you up for that one?

jamoosh said...

While the recent weather pattern has kept temperatures a bit lower than normal, it seems they have cranked up the humidity. Win some, lose some...