Monday, July 02, 2007

An Accidental P.R.

I had to go all the way back to April, 2006 to dig out my official 5K P.R. With the help from Dirt Runner, I was able to post 24:44 at that RTW 5K. Today's run was scheduled to be an easy 5K run after this weekend's 10 miler. I wasn't able to get up this morning, after hearing the rain and rumbles of thunder, it was an easy decision to hit the snooze bar. Even so, one should always try to run in the mornings. Your races are almost always in the morning and you get to go out before the events of the day can ruin a late afternoon run. So was the case today. I was positively P.O.'ed coming home from work and my ride home only exacerbated the situation. So, after walking the dog, I went for an "easy" run.

Mile 1: 8:20
Mile 2: 7:53
Mile 3: 7:44
0.1: 0:41

Time: 24:40 P.R! Unofficial however.
Pace: 7:57/mile

Sitting here, typing this entry, with a Shiner Blonde on one side and left over California Pizza Kitchen Pizza on the other, I feel soooo much better. Once again, I am grateful for my running abilities. I am able to use this skill to relieve myself of some serious stress. Keep running friends.


Anonymous said...

Mmmm...Shiner Blonde on one side and left over California Pizza Kitchen Pizza on the other


Anonymous said...

Shiner Blonde rocks! It's my fav :-)

Nicely done on your 5k PR! If you're running these sort of times in July imagine what you'll be doing when the weather turns.


Barbara said...

Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang. What's up with all these sub-8 minute miles? I've been doing my level best to catch up to you with my unexpected "vacation" in June.

But I can't be chasing some 7:44/mile guy.

Awesome job!

Humble Runner said...

Wow. A June 5k PR outside the race-day energy is something to be proud of.


Humble Runner said...

Duh, miss read your post.

Yes, now I see it was a race pr. Oops!