Saturday, July 28, 2007

12.1 Miles

Saturday. All alarm clocks were turned off last night in the spirit of, "I'll get up when I get up." The bed side clock read 4:30. My attempts to get back to sleep was futile. By 5:35, I was staring out into the dark and steamy street from my opened garage door. Armed with a 20 oz water bottle, $5 and a solitary Gu pack, I set off, hoping to get back in 2 hours.

Time: 2:12
Pace: 10:56/mile

I managed to lose 3 lbs worth of sweat in the soupy mix. Glad to have had the cloud cover through out the run. Around mile 6, I came across the Woodlands Fit Yellow group on their morning run. A few even recognized me and called out my name. I still run with their yellow tag. A few minutes later, I came across the red group and then a little later still, the walkers. Thinking about all the fun time I had with them last year took my mind off the run for about 2 miles. But by the 9th mile, fatigue and hunger set in and I was forced to take several walking breaks.

Throat and lungs are still not 100%. There were many occasions today I flat out ran out of breath. It was a weird feeling, almost like I was experiencing an asthma attack. Maybe I was. Overall, I'm glad I ran, Dirt Runner was right. You just have to run it off.

p.s. If I'm not in intensive care, I should be blogging about my recovery run on Monday. See you then.


bar-bar-a said...

Holden, I have asthma and definitely felt like I was having problems with it this morning. I remember at point even telling my running partner "that was an asthma cough", which just means I was struggling to get oxygen into my lungs.

Please no intensive care. So you're running on your own this fall, not with a group?

Holden said...

Hi Barbara,

Yes, I'm training on my own as the Chicago Marathon I'm training for doesn't fit the Fit's schedule.