Sunday, June 24, 2007

8.9 Miles

Time to start stretching the long run distance. October is not too far away.

The alarm went off at 5 AM. The snooze button was hit about 6 times. Body was still feeling the effects of Friday evening workout and the abusive powers of a 12 gauge shotgun from Saturday's Pigeon shoot. Plus it was cloudy and drizzly. Perfect recipe for sleeping in.

Or not.

Time: 6:30 AM
Temp: 74F
Humidity: 86%
Distance: 8.9 Miles
Time: 1:28:11
Pace: 9:54/mile
Shoes: Kayano XII (193.5 miles)

Timing was impeccable. I did not get rained on. The streets were wet and puddles were everywhere.

I came back just drenching in sweat. Sunday is starting out pretty good.


Tiggs said...

when are you doing your longest long run?

txrunnergirl said...

Great job on getting out there instead of sleeping in!

Jessica, a Houston Runner said...

good to see you running....are we going to face off sometime soon?!

Holden said...

Hi Jess,

Let me get in shape first. Maybe in the fall?