Wednesday, June 20, 2007

5:15 AM. I'm standing on the edge of my garage, burst of bright light indicate lightning somewhere over the tree line. Do I stay or do I go? I have my technical shirt, shorts, socks and Kayanos on me. I can see the bursts of lightning but I cannot hear it. Is it coming towards me or away from me? Hard to tell. If I die, I'll die while doing something I like. So I go.

Mile 1: 9:04
Mile 2: 8:24
Mile 3: 8:03
0.1: 0:40

Time: 26:12
Pace: 8:27/mile

No sleep running today. Boy was I wide awake. Lightning has a tendency of doing that. Incidentally, the lightning storm was heading my way. It got closer and closer. That was motivation enough to run well. Amazing how alive you feel.

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TX Runner Girl said...

That was about the time the storm was hovering over my, the kiddo and dog were all awake. Glad you made it out and back before the storms hit!