Saturday, May 26, 2007

Official Times for Astros Race for the Pennant

Official Chip Times from ITR.

Holden Choi 27:10
Francesca Choi 29:46

Our very own HRB'er Christy Gonzalez finished right before my wife. In fact, Christy's gun time was 30:29:00 and my wife's was 30:29:80 meaning that Christy was right in front of Francesca. How funky is that? Christy's chip time was 29:57.


TX Runner Girl said...

Hey! I thought I saw you after I finished, but wasn't sure. Dang, I guess I should have said hello!

TX Runner Girl said...

Oh and great job to you and Francesca!

jamoosh said...

Francesca is gaining on you. I feel she will soon take you down.