Saturday, May 26, 2007

2007 Astros Race for the Pennant

My first Memorial Day Race was a family affair. Wife Frannie came down to run despite suffering from a cold. She took 2 Ibuprofen tablets and a cold medicine right out of bed, then proceeded to suck down a cough drop right before the race. Her comment was, "If you get to run a 50K race with a nasty cold, I get to run a 5K race with a nasty cold." Since we were both running, our kids Allison and Alex came down to the park and waited for us by the first base seats.

Thank goodness the temperature was cool. I had a lot of fun dodging runners in the first mile. This would have been annoying at a marathon but when you are only running 3 miles, who cares? As the run wound down, we got to run into Minute Maid Park. Cool. Band was already playing. Way Cool. The only negative came right after you finished your run. The chip removers were stationed right at the finish and was causing one serious congestion. You were not able to walk it off as I like to do after a run. Otherwise, it seemed pretty well organized. The food was excellent and nothing seemed to run out. You could grab your food, then sit in the stadium to enjoy.
I ran into Karen Thibodeaux at the start and Junebug right after the race. I met a few readers also who came by to say hi!

Run Summary:

Mile 1: 8:02
Mile 2: 8:57
Mile 3: 9:22
0.1 Mile: 0:51

Total: 27:13
Pace: 8:46/Mile

Obviously too fast of a start for current fitness level. Francesca ran it in 30 minutes plus change.

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Anonymous said...

Holden, while I was mining the results for Striders I saw Fran but in my stupor did not make the connection. Duh! Her result will be appearing next to yours in June Stridelines :-)