Sunday, April 22, 2007

Yuri's Night 5K

Trying to run after a night of wine and brie will get you in trouble always. My brain was in the fog as I woke and started making my 60 mile trek to see some blogstas. Then I realized that I wasn't the foggy one, the weather was....which I guess meant that more than my brain was in the fog.... Hmm. Anyway, it was foggy.

27 minutes and some change. I have this funny feeling that Barbara would have smoked me if we had ran in the same race this weekend. Still nursing a bad leg but hey, these things go on for ever. I can feel my fitness slipping away little by little.

For a cool recent picture of some running blogstas, check out Joe Carey's blog. His link can be found to your right.

Next Race: Run the Woodlands 5K this coming Saturday. Maybe Barbara will show to smoke me... he he.

Saturday, April 14, 2007


Hello America. How are you? Hope everything is well. I'm doing OK. My last running related siting had been at Cassie's wedding. That was a neat event. Congrats Cassie!

My streaking effort led to an overuse injury. I really need to take a lot of time off to get well but as you runners know, that is very difficult to do. I went a far as 2 weeks without running and almost healed myself but like a bad druggie, I succumbed to my habit and ran.

I'm still not totally well but with a crack in my schedule today, I was able to make it to RTW 5K. To make it a good calorie burning session, I ran over to the start, ran the race and ran back for about 9 miles of total running for the day. Mr. Dirt Runner who coaches Luke Locker beat program was there with a gaggle of running ladies whom I presume he coaches. Good to see you again Rick! Bill Dwyer was there with his always present smile. He must be the happiest running coach in Texas. David Smart also came to run a quick 5K.

Susie Schreiber was absent today, I understand she is travelling to Boston to run the famed Marathon. Have a good race Susie!

Today was an exceptional running day.

Next Race: Sarah Graybeal's Yuri's 5K. See you there!