Sunday, January 21, 2007


Sunday. Which means tomorrow is... Monday. The weather turned nice for a change. Perfect opportunity to wash the family minivan and my sedan. That was in the afternoon.

Got another chance to go running today. Woke up at 7, which gave me just enough time to go our for a 3 mile run and get ready for mass.

Distance: 3.1 miles
Time: 26:30
Pace: 8:32/mile

I guess I should enjoy these cooler mornings that necessitates the use of long sleeve shirts. Just like yesterday morning, it took about half a mile to get comfortable with the temperature. Apparently, one thing I cannot get used to is rolling out of a warm and cozy bed to go out running on cold mornings. Just stepping out onto the garage with just your long sleeve shirt and shorts is a battle. The temptation to go back into bed at this juncture is huge. Thank goodness I ignore reason and just go running.


bar-bar-a said...

It was nice this morning too - 49 degrees with a bit of a breeze and the humidity was a bit lower at 77%.

Vic said...

When I get up and out on a cold morning, I always think about Rocky in Rocky I, eating those 6 raw eggs and then venturing out in the cold Philadelphia morning. Don-don-t-t-don-t-t-don-don-don.

TX Runner Girl said...

I hate leaving a warm bed too, but I am trying to enjoy as many of the cold days as possible...not too long before I'll be cursing the summer heat and humidity again.