Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Streak Continues!

No rain this evening. So, a frigid 7 PM run. It was 47 deg. F. Long sleeve shirt and gloves did the trick. There was no wind this evening, making it a pleasant run. My breath was visible however. I haven't seen that in a very long time. So another 5K under the belt. The streak will finally come to an end as I usually go to the Y on Wednesday nights to work out while Alex does his Tae Kwon Do.

Time: 25:39
Pace: 8:16/mile
Shoes: Asics Gel-Kayano XI (287.1 mile)

This run was by far the most comfortable run since the marathon. I think I am now fully recovered from it. I'll have to schedule a long run for this weekend. Perhaps I can run a 12 miler early Saturday morning.

Enjoying a mild buzz from St. Arnold's Brown Ale tonight.


bar-bar-a said...

We had gymnastics tonight (sadly, I only get to watch; I'd participate if they'd only let me) - I saw my breath too when we were walking out. I didn't think that happened until the temps were at least in the 30's!

Keith said...

only one mile