Monday, January 29, 2007

Running streak!

Here is a picture from last year's Houston Marathon (my first). Alex was 8 years old when he ran it in with me.

I ran 3 days in a row. Professional man of action need not worry however, 'cause, I'm pretty sure the streak will end there. I happen to not like running in cold rainy weather. Tomorrow's forecast calls for just that. I have been pretty busy lately and have been trying to squeeze in any kind of running I can. Since the marathon, all of it have been the short 5K variety.

I find good beer drinking to be a fun activity. I have lately found out that beer tasting with a bunch of suds-o-philes (is that a fancy Greek word like an oenophile?) can be really, really fun too. Especially when the tests are helped along by triathlon and marathon participating beer wenches wearing technical shirts. I think the beer tasted pretty good also.

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