Saturday, January 27, 2007


My plans to run to the 5K race ended as soon as I opened my garage doors. There, a downpour greeted me. Let's see, 51 degrees and pouring rain.... Perhaps it's OK to drive and not die from pneumonia.

Mile 1: 7:46
Mile 2: 8:09
Mile 3: 8:24
0.1: 0:47

Total: 25:08
Pace: 8:06/mile

Alas, no P.R. BUT, I won a hooded Nike sweatshirt. Luke's Locker rocks!

We celebrated Bill Dwyer's 50th birthday again with a great cake. Jon Walk came to volunteer. He will be running tomorrow's 3M Half Marathon. Dirt Runner was also there volunteering, he will be running the Rocky Raccoon 100 Miler in Huntsville next weekend. O N E H U N D R E D miles... Almost 4 marathons. Kudos to Juanita Smart who ran her first 5K today.

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TX Runner Girl said...

hooray for winning cool running gear! BTW, I love that finish line cool to cross with your daughter!