Wednesday, January 17, 2007


I took an inventory of my physical condition today. It looks as if most of the ill effects of the marathon is gone. I think I can safely assume running by Saturday. (I think I can run sooner but with such weather, why rush back?)

My desires to to retire from marathon running that formed around mile 19 is also fading away. I'll review my schedule and book a marathon during this coming weekend. So, back to the grind.


run the race said...


My second marathon stunk too. I was overoptimistic about how well I would do because my first marathon went so well. I pushed myself too hard and blew up. I had parts of my body cramping at mile 22 that I did not know existed.

My third marathon was much better because I was realistic about my training and how well I could run. Don’t give up. Try it again. Respect the distance.

You may want to read this article by Amby Burfoot about 2nd marathons (and Lance Armstrong). said...

I'll get back to it myself when I get back in to town tomorrow afternoon. Too cold and wet here ... wait, isn't that happening at home too? :)