Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Hump Day

More shopping at the local Randall's. Bought some organic whole wheat spaghetti for tonight's dinner. It will be heavily ladened with garlic and mushrooms. Had to buy more rice milk. I'm drinking 32 oz a day, plus some soy milk, green tea, OJ and water in between. I think I'm over hydrating at this point but what the heck.

I'm supposed to go lift weights today but decided to skip it. Ligaments behind my knees are a little tender. It's probably from over eager stretching I did long after running the RTW 5K last Saturday. I had already cooled down but was busy watching my daughter's basketball game and multi-tasked with stretching.

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Anonymous said...

I was reading some of your blogs today and I admire your hard work and marathon training. I need to ask some advice from you. I am training for my first marathon (A T and T Austin Marathon) which is about five weeks away. This past Sunday was my first 20- miler. I was very tired at the end, did my normal stretches, took a nap, and ate some dinner. Nothing out of the ordinary. Then on Monday, I noticed my inner thigh was giving me a little irritation. I ran as scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday (4 miles and 7 miles). And then pain is still there. I realize that I have a groin pull. It doesn't hurt that bad when I'm running, but when I'm going through every day life and have to lift my leg, OUCH! Today, I am not running, icing like crazy, and taking a lot of ibuprofen. I HAVE TO DO THIS RACE! I did not just run hundreds of miles for the past three months for nothing. Please, please, any advice you have would be appreciated.