Monday, January 15, 2007

2007 Houston Marathon Brief

Here is my stats according to the Official Results.

10K: 0:58:54 (9:29/mile Pace)
13.1 Miles: 2:05:07 (9:33/mile Pace)
30K: 3:09:47 (10:11/mile Pace)

26.2 Miles: 4:53:46 (11:13/mile Pace)

Everything was going beautifully up to the half way point. I was even able to run through the water stations. I mastered drinking on the run and was doing this beautifully. Then, all of a sudden, cramping of the quads, eventually followed by cramping calfs. From that point on, I would run until the cramps got bad. Then I would walk it off. Then run again until I could run no more. This went on all the way to the end. I was so distraught that I even contemplated quitting somewhere around mile 19. I have not had issues with cramping since the last Houston Marathon. Perhaps this race does not agree with me.

Even so, it is still a P.R. for me. I broke 5 hours. I just need to figure out what went wrong. More to come later. This is a very busy week for me so take care and be well.


Jill said...

Glad you were able to get through all those cramps and make it to the finish line. I saw a guy like that starting around mile 20. He just stopped in the middle of the road and got down on his hands and knees trying to get rid of the cramping. We leap frogged all the way to the finish.

Way to go! You did great!!

Sarah said...

Congrats on the PR and sub-5:00! You rock, Holden.

Vic said...

sub-5!!! WOW!!! That's an awesome time considering the trouble you had. This season has rocked for Holden. I'm proud of you, dude!!!

Crosstrain said...

Wow Holden, you and I are twins. We had basically the same Houston marathons two years in a row. Somehow I didn't see you this year.

Steve Bezner said...


Those cramps are a bear, good job on working through them, and still scoring a PR!

High Five!

TX Runner Girl said...

Ouch, muscle cramps are the worst! Way to go on working through it to PR! Wooohooo!

Anonymous said...


Tough sledding out there on Sunday but you came away with a really cool prize - you are now a "4-something" marathoner. Well done, congratulations!


Cassie (TIGGS) said...

nice work Holden!!!

equarles said...

Way to get through the cramps. Awesome PR!

jamoosh said...

A PR is a PR is a PR. Good job!

Jessica, a Houston Runner said...

i am glad we got to run together the first few really helped me Holden. I'm sorry we got seperated. Maybe next time we will try to stay together better. WE WILL finish together, kiddo:)


Humble Runner said...

Congrats on the 4-something marathon. I wouldn't have guessed you were in pain when I saw you. You looked good.


Dave Smart said... pushed on through the pain and mind tricks. Through all that, you even succeeded in breaking 5 hours. Way to go!