Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Southwest Flight 305

A quick in and out of San Antonio day. I don't fly Southwest that often due to Hobby Airport's distance from The Woodlands but for flying within Texas, I'll make that drive for the convenience of frequency of their flights. Anyway, I'm always amazed at the speed Southwest turns their flights around. They somehow do it with ease. I arrived at the gate 30 minutes before flight time and found no airplane at the gate. So I assumed my flight would be delayed. Heck no! Plane showed up 20 minutes before departure and we pulled away from the gate pretty much on time. We definitely landed on time.

It's good to see a marvel of modern efficiency. Kudos to Southwest. (I've probable jinxed myself for my return flight.)

Recovering nicely from Sunmart. Other than tender connective tissues around my ankles, nothing else hurts.

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