Saturday, December 16, 2006

Pretty Woman

Last week, there was this dinner in San Antonio I was invited to. It was an invitation from the CEO of a client company I'm involved with. They also invited my CEO and a VP. As I'm pondering transportation options, I get a call from our executive assistant with instructions to be at a certain FBO at Hobby by 5 PM. When I get there, I see our company jet.
Now that was pretty cool. Fly over to San Antonio, get met by a car right by the jet and off to dinner. Then back. Ahhh, life style of the rich and famous.

Back to reality. I've had a relapse since the Sunmart race. I've contracted a nasty cough that has been lingering all week. It's bad enough that I had to miss my 5K race this morning. This counts as the first paid race I've missed.

Next Race: Houston Marathon.

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