Monday, December 11, 2006

Epilogue: Sunmart 50K

My Official Time: 7:09:27 (according to Dirt Runner, a.k.a. Rick Cook, a.k.a. Geaux Running)

Running Huntsville trails are many times harder than road running.

Light softer running shoes do not stand up well in uneven, wet, tree root infested trails. My lower leg muscles and connective tissues took a serious beating. (i.e. Kayano's sucked)

Softer surface does not allow for nice rebound. Quads worked extra hard. It started to cramp during the last 12 miles. It's still sore today.

Groin pulls hurt a lot. Especially when you are very far away from the finish area and from any aid station.

Knees do not take a beating. Everything below the waist hurt but not the knees. Amazing. It is true, road running is hazardous to your knees.

Twigs, dirt, thorns, gravel and sand will make it into your shoes. I saw veteran runners with ankle wraps. I so wished I had a pair of those. I stopped at least 4 times to empty my running shoes.

At least for me, there is no such thing as getting into a "rhythm" in trail running.

50 milers with a smile and a bounce in their stride during the start of their last 12.5 mile loop are Super Human.

According to Cool Running website, I burnt 4295 calories.

Next year, get to the park early so I can park closer to the finish area. The half mile walk back to the car after resting, eating and cooling down was one of the most painful walking experience I've endured.

It sucks to have so many people pass you during the last 10K. And there was nothing I could do about it.

Crazy as it sounds, I think I can run faster next year.

Next year, I'm going back with a pair of trail running shoes and ankle wraps.

Finally, I am amazed that I can keep my body in forward motion for over 7 hours. Folks, that's longer than most Trans-Atlantic flights!! (I am also easily amazed.)


Dirt Runner said...

they are called "gaiter" and here are some of the best and only 15 bucks. Not to mention they come from an Ultra Runner.

jamoosh said...

All of this aside - you are the man. Congrats on completing the course. Sounds like a bear.