Sunday, December 03, 2006

Breaking In

I'm breaking in a new pair of shoes. I ran with Asics Gel Kayano XII. I bought these about a month or two ago and am planning to wear these for the Houston Marathon. The 12 feels much roomier than the 11's that I'm currently wearing. Perhaps the cold weather shrunk my feet so much that it just feels larger. It did feel lighter but the shoe didn't seem to fit like a glove. That's how my 11's felt the first time I wore them. Again, it could have been the cold weather making everything stiffer. Overall, it felt good. (Maybe I should have bought size 10-1/2 instead of size 11.)

Run Summary:

4.4 miles: 37:11
Pace: 8:27/mile

I'm looking forward to next Saturday's Sunmart. I think I'm ready. I just need to stay away from common colds and twisted ankles. I guess that means I won't be wearing heels anytime soon.


equarles said...

My Kayano XII's didn't feel as good as the XI's. That's why I switched to Nike's last time I bought shoes. Not enough support.

bar-bar-a said...

Oh darn, and I have the cutest pair of pumps that would look positively fabulous on you Holden.

Hubby, who is an excellent gift buyer, actually said he needed Christmas gift ideas for me (trust me; he doesn't - he always gets the perfect thing). I took one look over at my Kayanos and said something about how that pair wasn't going to last for forever (my idea of the perfect gift is something totally practical).

If you change your mind about the heels, just let me know and we'll getcha all set up.

Vic said...

I ran the trails at Huntsville this weekend and it was absolutely beautiful. Hope you have a great race.

jamoosh said...

Tough call on the shoes. I went a half size higher awhile back on teh recommendation of the salesperson. Wasn't such a good recommendation as I developed a habit of curling my toes so my feet would not move in the shoe, which I have found out is typical. So watch closely when you run in them.