Friday, November 24, 2006

Tomorrow Morning Run

Here is how I'm going to spend Saturday morning (Nov. 25th). It should all add up to about 19 miles of running.

3 miles: From my house to Barbara Bush Elementary School according to google maps.
3.1 miles: Run The Woodlands 5K Race
13 miles: Cool down run after the RTW 5K

So the whole thing should be around 19 miles. The first leg will be considered a warm up, the second leg, The Race (speed work) and the third leg will be considered a cool down (or a Long Slow Run.. ) Hopefully the weather will co-operate.

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bar-bar-a said...

Hmm....(can't sleep so I'm online like that'll help). Sounds like everyone else is doing 18-19 this weekend. We have a recovery week planned in again and just have 9 in the plan.

I think our 18 is next week.