Sunday, November 12, 2006

San Antonio P.R!

Here's a quick Blackberry post. Bottom line:

Unofficial Half Marathon Time:


This beats my previous record by about 6 minutes. Not a bad effort if I say so myself. Conditions were perfect for a long run today. The race runs 4 miles worth through downtown San Antonio. That was really neat. The other cool thing was the start. I think there were 4 cannons from the Alamo era that sounded the start of the race by folks in period attire. I can reaaly say the race started with a BANG! Way cool.

Ta Ta for now my dear readers. I need to make my way back to Houston via Prime Outlet Mall in San Marcos.


Cassie (TIGGS) said...


Way to go Holden. That is a great time! I'm impressed! said...

Congratulations, Holden!


bar-bar-a said...

Awesome job Holden! What a great day!

atownrunner said...

cool runnin'. wtg on the PR

Steve Bezner said...

Congrats! PR's Rule!

Anonymous said...

PR's rock, Holden is da man! Steeeve

bill d said...

Great run !

JustJunebug said...


thats fantabulous!!

TX Runner Girl said...

Way to go!! Gotta love the San Marcos outlets...I headed there after running Austin in Feb. All that walking is great for the recovery.