Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Recovery Run

Wednesday, November 1st. Today's 3.1 miles will be the only run for the week. Our Yellow group coach has a 10 mile run in his mind for this coming Saturday's FIT run. So in light of last Sunday's 13.1 mile run, today's recovery run is IT for mid-week running, Ha!

Run Summary:

Mile 1: 8:57
Mile 2: 8:35
Mile 3: 8:21
0.1 mile: 0:52

Elapsed: 26:46
Shoes: Asics Gel-Kayano XI (157 miles)

These times really don't "look" like a relaxed paced run for me but it truly felt that way. Perhaps the cooler temperatures helped. My heart rate at the end was 150, which is a normal slow long run rate for me.

30K or 50K?

Thank you for your responses. I am leaning more towards the 50K right now. After all, after the first 30K, the rest is bonus. Plus, I have run the Lucky Trails Marathon last year so I have a little trail running experience, although I'm sure the trails of Huntsville is probably much more hazardous than the Seabrook trail. I have until November 14th to decide.


bar-bar-a said...

50k. Easy for me to say; I have a conflict that day and I'm not running it.

Besides, it's fun. All the M&M's you can eat!

Did I ever remember to congratulate you on a great run Sunday? If not, then I meant to. The faster I run the more forgetful I get. said...

It is just a shame that the 30K, Sunmart and White Rock all fall on the same weekend again.

My HARRA hat would say, "Please do the 30k."

However, I may in Huntsville that Saturday as well (after flying the morning before from Vancouver).