Saturday, November 11, 2006

Hans Weberling Run The Woodlands 5K #165

A Letter From Beth Whitehead, Woodlands Fit Red Group Coach

Hans Weberling is the 3 year old son of Kevin and Lara Weberling here in the Woodlands. Lara is a Woodlands Fit runner. I am her coach in the marathon training program. Hans attends St Anthony of Padua's Little Saints Early Education Program, where his mother is also a teacher.The Weberlings are members of St Simon and Jude Catholic Church. Little Hans was diagnosed last weekend with cancer and neuroblastoma. He is currently in his second round of chemotherapy. Both parishes, St Simon and Jude and St Anthony's of Padua, are pulling together in support for Hans.The Run for Hans is being hosted by Luke's Locker, Woodland's Fit and St Anthony of Padua Little Saints Early Childhood Program. This one time run will be a part of the Run The Woodlands 5K Series on November 11th at Barbara Bush Elementary on Crownridge in Alden Bridge. This run will be open to both runners and walkers. Also, St Anthony of Padua Little Saints will be hosting a Children's Short Run, which will take place in the Barbara Bush Elementary parking lot. The entry fee for both races is only $1 plus a donation to the Weberling family. There will be several raffles and fun family events as well. It is preferred that any donation that is much larger than $5 be made in the form of a check written to Lara or Kevin Weberling.Anyone who has questions or would like more info on the RTW (Run The Woodlands) 5K Series should visit the following site -- -- or contact Susie Schreiber with Luke's Locker at Anyone wishing to make a donation to the family can contact Denise Hunter with Little Saints at All of The Woodlands area running clubs- Woodlands Fit, Team in Training (TNT), The Woodlands Running Club (TWRC) and Luke's Locker runners will be there to support the Weberling family.

-- Beth Whitehead

(Copied without permission from Jon Walk and Woodlands Fit Newsletter)

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Holden, no worries. Wish I could be there in The Woodlands this Saturday.