Thursday, October 26, 2006

Running with Rain and Thunder

Wet and wetter. Can you actually get wetter? It looked like the rain was letting up so a quick change into running gear and into the dimming light I went. It was 6:30 PM with night approaching pretty fast. I really wanted to put in one more run before the Half on Sunday and the opportunity presented itself. I only encountered on and off light drizzle during the first mile which went by in 9:01. "Slower..." I tell myself. I hear a boom in the distance. Getting mildly concerned but thinking I can make it back before the thunder gets closer, I press on. Rain gets heavier. Half way through the run, the sky opens up and starts to hammer me pretty good. Second mile marker goes by but I forget to hit the split. The rain is coming down in sheets now. Hard to see, eyes are stinging from all the rain running down my face. Hmmm. Shoes are now wet. Socks are wetter. I'm wet to the bone but it's not really cold so I press on. "Boom!!" OK, the thunder and lightning is getting way to close for comfort. I press on, rain pelts on. I finally reach home, stop the watch and go right into my open garage. I sit on the opening and look into the night sky. Thunder boomers are practically over my house. This one was a little too close for comfort. I promise myself not to ever go for a run under a thunderstorm.

Total elapsed time: 27:10
Pace: 8:45/mile
Shoes: Really wet Kayano XI with 140.8 Miles

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