Sunday, October 08, 2006

Jon Walk

Hi Jon,

Before you move on, I wanted to just say, "Thanks!" I say thanks because you became my link to the Houston Running Community. Through you, I learnt about the Houston Striders. I also came to know a lot of Houston area running friends through you. Going to running events and mingling with other running folks I met through you became a ritual of sorts for me last season.

I am going to miss seeing you at running events. I'm sorry things did not work out the way you envisioned them. All things happen for a reason, whether understood or not. I wish you well, wherever you might land. I am certain that a day will come when you will lace up your running shoes again for a "quick" run, just to sweat a little, just to see where it will take you.

Take Care!


Cassie (TIGGS) said...

ditto said exactly what I feel too.

Sarah said...

And me.

Dave Smart said...

same here- Jon, you'll always be part of our running family.

jamoosh said...

I second that emotion