Sunday, October 15, 2006

D'Feet Breast Cancer, Inc. Race in Galveston

There is a certified 5K and 10K race this coming weekend in Galveston, TX. Unfortunately for me, I will need to be a the Woodlands Fit Group training that same day and won't be able to attend. But for those interested in running amongst the Moody Garden Pyramids, check out this LINK. Sounds like a fun race! For any questions regarding this run, please contact: Ellen Adriance at (409-939-0206).

Barbara! Sorry I missed you at Starbucks! That would have been a treat to see you! I passed by the joint several times but did not go in. I left my wallet in the truck and could not buy one anyway. I was wishing that I brought out the Starbucks card with me for the race however but it was too late by then.

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Bar-Bar-A said...

Darn it. I had lots of cash too. I would've bought you a cup if I'd known that was the case.

I love their pumpkin loaf. I'd already had a piece of banana bread that a friend had given to me for breakfast but just can't pass up their pumpkin loaf.

I'll be downtown in 2 weeks though so hopefully I'll catch up with you then. Before the race. I'm sure I get much ickier than you after running.