Monday, October 30, 2006

30K or 50K?

Rather than going round and round the concrete roadways of Sugarland, I wonder if I should tackle the Sun Mart 50K? I see two issues with this.

First, the Sun Mart at $80 is in pretty expensive, like in Marathon territory. But then, it is longer than a marathon.

Secondly, and much more important, can I finish it without having a near death experience? Do I have the endurance to do this with only about 6 weeks to go?

I know what my FIT coach would say, "Run the 30K, don't risk an overuse injury that will ruin your marathon training."

My wife Fran would also disapprove, I'll have to tell her that I'm on my way to the 30K when in reality, I'd be going North to Huntsville..... (I hope she doesn't read this anymore.....)

Your $0.02 is greatly appreciated.


run the race said...

Run 3/5 of the 50k and plan to DNF for your training run. Then if you feel good you can keep going.

A run in the woods is always better than small circles on the pavement.

Crosstrain said...

Reading Cassie's Racoon report makes this an awfully tempting idea. So I vote for doing the 50k and not worry about pace or time at all. I've got a HARRA series streak going, otherwise I'd go for it.

Cassie (TIGGS) said...

hmmm, I'm not sure which would be harder....I can not run loops so the 30k would prob be more painful for me. However, the risk of injury is a lot higher with the trails. You really do have to be careful not to bite it big time on the roots! If you do the 50k, go slow and don't think about pace. The $80 is a lot, but from what I hear its worth it....great aid stations and great finisher items make it well worth it. But don't lie to your wife....LOL!

JustJunebug said...

I pick 30K but I dont know my head from a hole in the ground either so dont go by what I say!!


bill d said...

I say do the 50K. When I used to do the complete warm up series the 30K would always beat me up. (I would always push the pace too much)

I always come off of Sunmart feeling good.

Sunmart, if approaced as a nice long slow workout can be quite enjoyable. The entry fee becomes very reasonable when you go to packet pick up and they give you $100 worth of goodies, and a nice dinner, and a great breakfast the next day at the park, oh...and a post race meal. Nice finishers awards top it off.

If you do the 50K you can skip the Fit 21 miler on the 16th and do your last long run 12/23 with my little group.

Vic said...

If I were in good enough shape, I'd love to do the 50K. That just always sounded like a fun race for me. I may shoot for it next year. I'm with the others. Do the 50K as a loooooong sloooooow training run and enjoy yourself. Put that 50K notch in your belt.

Rick said...

I am in the same situation as you and I have decided to do the 50K. Sounds like more fun than the 30K and I agree with everyone else in that it should be a nice easy training run. This will be the fun race before trying to qualify for Boston at the Houston Marathon.