Sunday, September 03, 2006

Long Run

This week's Yellow Group schedule called out 9 miles. I got up too late to make the 6:30 roll call so it was just like the old times, running a long stretch by myself. I hadn't run since last Saturday's 6 mile due to being out of town and tired, but all that turned out to be a good turn of events. You see, all that resting has done wonders for my left foot. There was no pain during yesterday's run. However, all that bad food and lack of sleep conspired to make this a slow and tiring run. Even so, I felt alive running in the Woodlands, greeting fellow runners, bikers and occassional early morning walkers.

Run Summary:

Distance: 9.24 miles
Time: 1:39:19
Pace: 10:44/mile (Red Group Pace!)
Shoes: Kayano XI (59.6 miles)

Coffee Run Update:

Well, I have been reviewing the locations of multitudes of Starbucks in the Woodlands and have concluded that only stand alone coffee shops will be used for route planning. Also, there is no safe way to get to the coffee shop on 242 so we might have to forgo that one.

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