Monday, August 14, 2006

Spell Check

Anyone know how to perform spell check when entering postings from a Blackberry?

By the way! This EDGE network on Cingular rocks!

I might have to take up on Jamoosh's suggestion of buying a second pair of running shoes as I forgot to bring my shoes today.

My on going left foor pain seems to have most of the traits of a plantar faciatis. If proven correct, this can be bad news for me.

Hi Bar-Bar-A!


Bar-bar-a said...

Hello fellow Master!

There are several apps that you can download for spell checking on Blackberries. I grabbed one off the internet but you might find something else you like better..

TX Runner Girl said...

Very cool that you can post from your Blackberry! Maybe one day I will get something other than the "free" phone you get when you sign up with Cingular. :-) Hope your foot feels better and happy belated birthday!!!