Thursday, August 24, 2006

Round and Round

I visited Memorial Park again. This time, the loop ended in 28 minutes. Yes, yes, the Yellow group called for a longer time but 28 minutes will have to do. Just to make up, I walked with Frannie and Hunter after dinner. The foot feels much better right now. Thank goodness this weekend's long run is only 6 miles.

I'm headed up to Chicago for a few days next week and if the long run does not cause any problems for my foot, I'll be taking my running gear with me. It will be refreshing to be running in 60 degree temps during the morning hours. Ahhhh.

Barbara, I don't know how many posts I have. #138 came from the Starbucks Series.

TX Runner, I think Dallas is hotter in the summer because it is not near a large mass of water like Houston. The 80 degree Gulf water acts as a regulator. (Comments welcome if anyone disagrees with this. :))

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jamoosh said...

I am jealous that you will get to run along the lakein cool temps. I love that run!