Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Hot and Easy

I missed last night's easy 40. I had to be at Alex's school orientation in the evening and by the time that was done, I was done.

Tonight it was Allison's school's orientation. I was too tired but what the heck, it was an easy run. So, I laced up and went out for a nice hot run. The feet were first to feel the heat. The freakin' concrete was hot! It was making my running shoes' soles pretty gummy and making my toes hot!!!

My left feet hurts. I'm contemplating whether I should just table this running for the rest of the month...or not. I'll think about it during this weekend's Yellow Group's 8 mile run.



Bar-bar-a said...

Dang Holden. What happened to your left feet? (sorry; I had to say feet). Seriously, do you think you're out for a couple of weeks? Yikes!

Vic said...

Dude, you gotta get better!