Saturday, August 19, 2006

Happy Birthday Alex!

Today is Alex's 9th birthday. I blew off this morning's yellow group run due to various reasons, some involving physical pain and others involving financial pain. These birthday rituals seem to get more and more expensive every year.

I'll need to hit the pool for some alternate form of calorie burn this weekend. I'll get back on the running bandwagon on Monday on Memorial's soft surface.

Good luck to Cassie on her Half Marathon this weekend!

Hi Bar-Bar-A!


Bar-Bar-A said...

Holden! You knew I was going to come in here to check on your 8-miler just now, didn't you? I think I had an easier time running than paying for a birthday party like you.

I hope you either aren't getting the bad weather we have on our end of town, or that your party is indoors. The thunder/lightning/rain has begun.

Happy Birthday to Alex!

Vic said...

Happy b-day to Alex!!! Hope the pain subsides soon. Smart to wait to run on a softer surface. Later!

Cassie (TIGGS) said...

aww thanks H! happy birthday A!