Saturday, August 05, 2006

6 Miles with the Yellow Group

We met a little earlier today for our 6 mile run. There was also a scale to see how much weight we were losing during the run to determine if we are hydrating properly or not. Despite my best efforts, I came out 2.5 lbs less than at the beginning of the run. Despite missing 2 runs this week and eating a lot of rich foods, I felt good through out the run. The only bad part came at the end where I missed a turn with about half mile to go and ended up running about 6.5 miles. Such is life. The good thing is, not too long after I missed the turn, Bill Dwyer drove up to say "Hi." It was good to see him. I'm guessing that he was in the process of checking the TNT route to make sure there were no stragglers.

I've got another out of town trip planned for next week so my running schedule is going to be a challenge again. We shall see. My left foot is still bothering me a bit so all this "resting" is good for me...I think.

Gears! I went to Luke's Locker Woodlands yesterday and bought a Luke's Locker Seat Cover, 3 pairs of running socks and a Nike Dryfit shirt. Being a HARRA member, I received 10% off all non-sale merchandise and being a tax free weekend, it was all tax free.

Run Synopsis:

Distance: about 6.5 miles
Pace: 9.39/mile
Shoes: Asics Gel-Kayano XI (28.4 miles)


Bill D said...

It was good seeing you this morning. My TNT group is getting ready for the Chicago & Nike San Francisco marathons in October and were at the end of 13 long, hot & humid miles/ I was the sag wagon in the last few miles.

You looked strong this morning and there sure are a lot of Fit runners in your group. Groups make it more fun.

We'll be at the RTW 5k next week.

Hope to see you there.

Bar-Bar-A said...

Good pace you have going there Holden....especially with the extra mileage.

Our yellow group's pace is 8:30 - 10:00 and a large part of the reason I'm holding off joining them is because I know I'll want to try to keep up with the 8:30er's which would probably lead to an injury if I did that very many times.

So I'm holding back my pace, and hanging at the front of the red pack. Which, I found out this morning, is causing some of our red group angst because they're trying to keep up with *me*. How funny is that? 3 of them told me this morning they were trying to hang with me which is exactly what I'm trying to avoid.

Vic said...

Cool you ran into Coach. Astros just hit thier 3rd home run of the night. Just thougth you'd like the update. :)

Anonymous said...