Tuesday, August 01, 2006

35 minutes of easy Runnin'

Monday afternoon. Yellow Fit Group schedule called for 35 minutes of easy running. Well, as easy as running at 6 PM allows one self to be at Memorial Park. Bleh. At the end of the hot and very sweaty 35 minutes, I come across Vic Kaiser going the opposite direction. Unfortunately for me, I was not able to say much more than, Hi Vic. So, "Hi Vic, I hope your run was a productive one. Looks like you lost some weight there, in fact, I almost did not recognize you. Sorry for having that deer in the headlight look when you saw me. I was just finishing off and had sweated off a lot of fluid and was definitely feeling a little loopy."

Tuesday was a 50 minute hill workout day. I blew it off to go to Papasitos with some relatives from Wisconsin. I had a very delicious Cuervo Gold frozen Margarita with salt around the rim. Yum!


Vic said...

No prob, Holden. I could tell you were at the end of your workout and know you must have been wiped out from the heat. Yes, I had a good run. See you soon.

Barbara said...

Holden, did you get in your run today? I've had your post bookmarked for a couple of days, thinking I would get in here and say "hey" but I'm just now getting around to it.

Holden said...

Hi Barb! I have not run since Monday. I've been out of town last few days.