Monday, August 28, 2006

Airport Musings

This is my first trip since liquids have been banned. The lines to check bags are longer but you go through the security faster because more people are checking their bags. A lot of folks are walking around the terminal with just a briefcase. This makes boarding the plane a lot saner than before. No need to fight for overhead space.

My flight, CO 1708 has been delayed an hour due to mechanical problems. Thank goodness I'm on an exit row seat with no front seat.

Looking forward to cooler weather in Chicago.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

The Real Thing

Well, after reading Jamoosh's post about Coke, I lost all resistance and went for a 20 oz Regular Coke in the fridge and downed it with some Jay's potato chips. Although I have not posted much about carbonated beverages lately, I do try to stay away from them and today's Coke broke a 2 week streak. It tasted great to the very last drop. Yum.

Hunter - Almost 1 Year Old

Hunter, taken by Allison Choi. Allison has taken an interest in photography and has taken a course over the summer break. Here is a portrait of Hunter with back lighting to enhance his mane.

6 Miles With The Yellow Fever Group

Back with the Woodlands Fit Group and concrete pounding. Today's distance was reduced somewhat from the aggressive pace we had been on for the last month and a half. 6 miles sound refreshingly short and half way into the run, I was very glad for it. This morning's temperature was in the low to mid 70's, which is normal for this time of the year. The air however was very thick with moisture. I was sweating so much that by the end of the race, my relatively new Kayano's were uncomfortably wet with sweat. Yuck! I also had to incorporate 3 walk breaks during the last 3 miles to keep myself from over heating. Looking back, I am glad I walked a bit, the ending heart rate was 180, an unusually high number me. (Normal: 150 after a long run)

Coach tells us that we will be running 9 miles next Saturday. Coach wants us to be ready for a strong 10 miler race in October, 10 for Texas. I am actually looking forward to this race, as I have yet to run a race in The Woodlands.

Run Summary:

Distance: 6 miles
Time: 54:49
Pace: 9:08/mile
Heart beat: 180/min
Shoes: Asics Gel-Kayano XI, 50.4 miles

Friday, August 25, 2006

Musings from Starbucks

The Way I See It #158

It's tragic that extremists co-opt the notion of God, and that hipsters and artists reject spirituality out of hand. I don't have a fixed idea of God. But I feel that it's us - the messed-up, the half crazy, the burning, the questing - that need God, a lot more than the goody-two-shoes do.

By Mike Doughty, Musician

Sipping great coffee and snacking on Madeleines on the West side of town...Me and my Blackberry

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Starbucks Run the Woodlands

I didn't realize this would be so popular. I will have to work on mapping it and figuring out the logistics. Point to point makes sense because of the distance but that would require a way to get back to the starting point. Or, we park at the end point and have one person drive us to the starting point. Anyway, I'll start playing with the map to see what makes sense. One things for sure, it will be run during the cooler season.

Round and Round

I visited Memorial Park again. This time, the loop ended in 28 minutes. Yes, yes, the Yellow group called for a longer time but 28 minutes will have to do. Just to make up, I walked with Frannie and Hunter after dinner. The foot feels much better right now. Thank goodness this weekend's long run is only 6 miles.

I'm headed up to Chicago for a few days next week and if the long run does not cause any problems for my foot, I'll be taking my running gear with me. It will be refreshing to be running in 60 degree temps during the morning hours. Ahhhh.

Barbara, I don't know how many posts I have. #138 came from the Starbucks Series.

TX Runner, I think Dallas is hotter in the summer because it is not near a large mass of water like Houston. The 80 degree Gulf water acts as a regulator. (Comments welcome if anyone disagrees with this. :))

The Way I See It #138

I already wrote #138 down earlier. Sitting in a Starbucks somewhere in Houston, listening to Jazz and drinking in the cool relaxing atmosphere, hoping lunch hour never ends...

Me and my Blackberry..

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Dallas Hot

Ha ha. I thought Houston was hot. It is very livable and runnable compared to Dallas.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Memorial Park Run

Exactly 2.9 miles in 29 minutes. Easy pace. Hot. Less pain in the foot this morning. The park seemed less crowded last night. Perhaps most runners are a sensible lot and disdains from 95 degree runs as much as possible. perhaps I'll become a sensible runner someday. Perhaps.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Luke's Locker on West Gray

Wow! This is my new favorite running store. This is the biggest running store I've seen so far. There is sooo much stuff in there. There is also a 50 yard running "track" where you can test out your shoes. Their staff was also very helpful and knowledgeable. I spoke to Luis in their shoe department and asked him bunch of questions. All of which he answered very informatively.

Bottom of Left Heel

As of this morning, a new pain has graced me with it's presence. I have pain in the bottom of my left heel. This despite not having run since last Monday's easy 40 minute run.
I plan to go back on schedule this afternoon and run at Memorial.

Good news on my quest for Amphipod's hand held water bottle. Luke's Locker at 1953 Gray Street has 3 in stock. I'm headed that way during my lunch hour.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Happy Birthday Alex!

Today is Alex's 9th birthday. I blew off this morning's yellow group run due to various reasons, some involving physical pain and others involving financial pain. These birthday rituals seem to get more and more expensive every year.

I'll need to hit the pool for some alternate form of calorie burn this weekend. I'll get back on the running bandwagon on Monday on Memorial's soft surface.

Good luck to Cassie on her Half Marathon this weekend!

Hi Bar-Bar-A!

Friday, August 18, 2006

A Starbucks Run The Woodlands?

Bill Dwyer has a great idea. When the weather cools, I can map out a Woodlands course that hits all the Starbucks. I can start out at the one in Sawdust, work my way up to Market Street, to Panther Creek and finally ending in College Park. Sounds like it will be at least a 10 miler. You get to drink a cup of your choice and eat a pastry as your energy shot at every stop.

Anyone up for this run?

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Starbucks Series

The Way I See It #151

Food is the great equalizer, providing universal joy without bias. As a young boy, our wealth was experienced through the warmth of our kitchen and smells of my mother's cooking. Remember, you can always love people through food.

Michael Chiarello

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

HRB Clubbers at the RTW 5K

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Hot and Easy

I missed last night's easy 40. I had to be at Alex's school orientation in the evening and by the time that was done, I was done.

Tonight it was Allison's school's orientation. I was too tired but what the heck, it was an easy run. So, I laced up and went out for a nice hot run. The feet were first to feel the heat. The freakin' concrete was hot! It was making my running shoes' soles pretty gummy and making my toes hot!!!

My left feet hurts. I'm contemplating whether I should just table this running for the rest of the month...or not. I'll think about it during this weekend's Yellow Group's 8 mile run.


Monday, August 14, 2006

40 Easy

Rather than Memorial's soft surface, I'll be running on concrete up in the Woodlands today. Tomorrow is out due to kid's school orientation.

Searching For Shoes During Lunch

I went to On The Run store near Memorial Park searching for a pair of running shoes. I got my feet re-measured but the store did not carry any 2E width in any stability Asics nor Brooks in my size. Bummer.

Spell Check

Anyone know how to perform spell check when entering postings from a Blackberry?

By the way! This EDGE network on Cingular rocks!

I might have to take up on Jamoosh's suggestion of buying a second pair of running shoes as I forgot to bring my shoes today.

My on going left foor pain seems to have most of the traits of a plantar faciatis. If proven correct, this can be bad news for me.

Hi Bar-Bar-A!

Back To My Regularly Scheduled Program

This is a test post from my Blackberry. If this works, I'll be able to post more regularly.

Saturday run was a lot of fun! First, my wife Frannie ran in her first road race! Woo Hoo! She clocked in under 29 minutes which is very impressive! Muy Macha!

I also got to meet a whole bunch folks, Jon, Waverly, Professional man, Joe and Gerlinde, Edwin and Donna, Tiggs and Manny, Vic, Bar-Bar-A, Sarah, Suzie and her gang, David Smart and Nicolas and Mr. Bill Dwyer himself. (Hope I didn't miss anyone)

27:02 was my time.
Mile 1; 7:54
Mile 2: 8:58
Mile 3: 9:20
0.1: 0:49

I guess I'm out of shape or have totally neglected speed work. Both statements are correct.

I think Francesca is hooked! She told me later that she never thought running a race would be so much fun. She is now wondering if she might be able to run a 10K race. LOL. My next goal is to take her to a 5K race with bib numbers and timing chip. That should be pretty cool.

As for today's easy run, I brought everything down to Houston with me except for the running shoes. Such a dunce....

Friday, August 11, 2006


Apologies to Coach Cooper of the Woodlands Fit Yellow Group. I shall be there next Saturday, when my life reverts to normalcy. For now, I have some Shakespearean thingamajig to attend to. I need to avoid being like Yorik, Hamlet's pal.

Master Runner

I woke up this morning and found myself in a new age bracket. A Master runner! A part of me is freaking out that I am now 40. What can you do? Time marches on relentlessly. I am getting inspiration from Dean Karnazes' 50-50-50 challenge. I wonder if I should do a similar one but at a little more leisurely pace. 50 Marathons in 50 States in 50 Months. Can I do it? Do I want to do it? Is that a big enough challenge? I'll put a little more thought into it but I think I'll be ready to start this challenge by January of 2007. What will I prove? What if I fail? Who cares? Sounds like fun! (A little freakin' expensive too I might add).

My first Master's race will be tomorrow at the Run The Woodlands 5K race. Come by and wish me a belated happy birthday. I'll be giving out free hugs to the ladies!!!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Last Tune Up

Thursday morning, 5 AM, Fran and I drove over to the Bush Elementary to run the actual RTW 5K course. This will be Fran's first 5K and I wanted to get her familiarized with the course. Unfortunately, being a numbskull that I am, I forgot to factor in the available light factor. It is freakin' pitch dark at that hour. The only light we had was coming from occasional street light and from the full moon. Since the course is covered by trees, we were mostly running in the dark. So, so much for course familiarization. Anyway, it was still fun to get out there and run with my wife.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

6 Miles with the Yellow Group

We met a little earlier today for our 6 mile run. There was also a scale to see how much weight we were losing during the run to determine if we are hydrating properly or not. Despite my best efforts, I came out 2.5 lbs less than at the beginning of the run. Despite missing 2 runs this week and eating a lot of rich foods, I felt good through out the run. The only bad part came at the end where I missed a turn with about half mile to go and ended up running about 6.5 miles. Such is life. The good thing is, not too long after I missed the turn, Bill Dwyer drove up to say "Hi." It was good to see him. I'm guessing that he was in the process of checking the TNT route to make sure there were no stragglers.

I've got another out of town trip planned for next week so my running schedule is going to be a challenge again. We shall see. My left foot is still bothering me a bit so all this "resting" is good for me...I think.

Gears! I went to Luke's Locker Woodlands yesterday and bought a Luke's Locker Seat Cover, 3 pairs of running socks and a Nike Dryfit shirt. Being a HARRA member, I received 10% off all non-sale merchandise and being a tax free weekend, it was all tax free.

Run Synopsis:

Distance: about 6.5 miles
Pace: 9.39/mile
Shoes: Asics Gel-Kayano XI (28.4 miles)

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

35 minutes of easy Runnin'

Monday afternoon. Yellow Fit Group schedule called for 35 minutes of easy running. Well, as easy as running at 6 PM allows one self to be at Memorial Park. Bleh. At the end of the hot and very sweaty 35 minutes, I come across Vic Kaiser going the opposite direction. Unfortunately for me, I was not able to say much more than, Hi Vic. So, "Hi Vic, I hope your run was a productive one. Looks like you lost some weight there, in fact, I almost did not recognize you. Sorry for having that deer in the headlight look when you saw me. I was just finishing off and had sweated off a lot of fluid and was definitely feeling a little loopy."

Tuesday was a 50 minute hill workout day. I blew it off to go to Papasitos with some relatives from Wisconsin. I had a very delicious Cuervo Gold frozen Margarita with salt around the rim. Yum!