Saturday, July 29, 2006

Woodlands Fit Saturday Group Run

The Yellows met this morning at 6:50 AM for a 5 mile run. (4.9 miles to be exact). Under the brightening morning sky and temps in the low 80's, the group took off on our ever lengthening weekend distances. The Reds got going first which meant that the Yellow group had to weave in and out to get ahead of the slower Reds. I didn't mind this at all as it felt more like a real race condition, running around slower paced runners. Coaches were energetic and friendly as ever, God bless them.

During these hot and steamy conditions, hydration rules the day. Normally, I don't like carrying water with me on shorter runs but given my recent experience with the heat, I carried my Nike Fuel Belt with 2 bottles of water. I tapped into them often and it definitely made a difference.

Run Synopsis:

Distance: 4.9 miles
Time: 46:11
Pace: 9:25/mile (Just absolutely perfect Yellow Group Pace if I say so myself)
Ending Heart Rate: 168
Shoes: 18.4 miles (Kayano XI)

Next Run: Monday late afternoon run at Memorial Park.


Barbara said...

I think the Champions area must have lucked out on the weather; it was typical July but not unbearable. Definitely no storm conditions.

I did a 9:25 pace last week, slowed down this week which actually was a goal of mine. Still straddling that yellow/red pace. The yellow coach is still trying to get me to switch.

jamoosh said...

One nice thing about Houston Fit is that the Red's go one direction, the Yellow's a different direction. Of course, there are so many Yellow's we still run into the same weaving early on.

Keep up the good work!