Saturday, July 15, 2006

The Woodlands Fit - 2006 Edition

Hello Netizens! How is everything in the Blogosphere?

I went to my first Fit session today. I joined the Yellow group. Yellow dudes must run in 9 to 10 minute pace. I'm still undecided whether this regimented training is a good thing or not. Informal poll suggests that at least 2/3 of participants at the Fit were female. Does this hold true in other Fit groups also? Perhaps females are more of a social animal than males. Either that or male varieties are too proud to admit that they need a group help. Who knows.

Today we ran 3 miles. Elapsed time: 28:33, which translates into 9:33 pace. Tight in the middle of the yellow group pace. Kayano XI miles: 362. Since the Strawberry Fest 10K in Wisconsin, I have gone back to my old marathon shoes. Thankfully, I have just purchased another pair of Kayano XI (not the new XII) and so I will be using these to train for my next marathon.

Today's seminar was on hydration. I'm sure the information was useful for beginners. Next weekend, Luke's Locker will give a seminar on proper fitting running shoes. It is also a 4 mile run. I'm debating whether I should RTW it or Fit it.

After being inspired by Joe Carey's blog, I have been working on convincing my wife Fran to come out for the 8/12 run and upgrade my membership to a family membership. I'm using the P.R. angle to entice her. Since this would be her first race, it will automatically go down as a P.R.


Bar-Bar-A said...

Holden, the idea of regimented pacing is why I dropped down to red for the time being, although I might go back up to yellow later in the season.

Who really wants to run that pace in July? Not me.

I couldn't really say what our male/female ratio is, although at one point I did see a pace group headed out ahead of us that was 100% men, although that's unusual.

I can't stay for the seminars until September; they start at 8 which conflicts with another activity I signed up for through August. But I did get the email attachment later on about hydration.

Maybe you got a different handout; ours looked like it went to all the area Fit groups. It was suggesting a change from what they've recommended in years past.

Cassie (TIGGS) said...

I was thinking of doing Houston Fit. I like training groups b/c I hated doing long runs alone. My problem is my totally unpredictable work schedule. If I have to work late Friday nights as I often do, I prob won't be up to early AM runs.....I'm having time issues! Grrr!

TX Runner Girl said...

This is my 4th time training with Houston Fit, but I can't say I've really noticed the male/female ratio. I would venture to guess that there are actually more males than females in the yellow group though. I'm a red, a slow one at that, so there tend to be more women. It's a great program and the social aspect is great!