Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Monday and Tuesday Runs

Dang, I just lost a bunch of text by mistake. Crap. Anyway, here is the Clif Note version since I am no longer in the mood to re-write the whole dang thing.

I am back on the training band wagon. I am still nursing a left foot pain but I'm hoping that running on Memorial's softer ground will help me out.

Monday: 1 loop on the Memorial trail. I crashed and burned around two and half mile mark with over heating. It got kind of bad with a whiff of nausea and light headedness. I ended up walking the rest of the way back. Total miles: 2.9

Tuesday: I was going to run 40 minutes around Memorial Park except that I forgot to pack my running shoes. Kind of like getting to war and forgetting to bring your rifle. Idiot! Not wanting to be denied, I came home, changed and took off on my 40 minute trek. This run went OK. Possibly due to much cooler temps. I think the temp at 6:30 PM was only 85 deg.F. Estimated miles: 4.

Wednesday is a rest day according to my Woodlands Fit schedule. I will go the Y instead and work on strength training on the Cybex machines and do 26 lunges per leg with 8 lbs weight per arm.

Rock on dudes.


Vic said...

Holden, are you in the yellow group?

Holden said...

Yes, the Mellow Yellows of the Woodlands Fit.